About us

Твій новий стиль від українського бренду

“HC” is a Ukrainian clothing brand that is part of a group of companies engaged in the production and sale of knitwear. This includes a network of online stores and a knitwear factory. We offer clothing for newborns, children, teenagers, as well as men’s and women’s knitwear.

The factory has been in operation since 2004 and has established itself as one of the best producers of quality and affordable knitwear for the entire family.

Our mission is to create comfortable and high-quality clothing for life. Clothing that our customers will wear every day, at work, outdoors, and at home, becoming an essential part of the wardrobes of our customers around the world.

At the knitwear factory, products are made exclusively from natural materials. All the fabric used for clothing is of high quality, completely safe for the health of children and adults, and complies with the standard requirements. These fabrics include interlock, rib knit, fleece, jersey, and velour.


  • The total production area exceeds 3500 square meters.
  • Our company has been successfully developing for over 16 years and has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality knitwear.
  • The production facilities include a design department, an experimental workshop, a cutting workshop, a sewing workshop, an embossing and embroidery workshop, a warehouse, and a logistics department.
  • We use only high-quality fabrics and consumables, as well as mostly Turkish-made fittings.
  • The production is equipped with modern machinery that allows us to create the highest quality and most contemporary models.
  • The product range is updated 3-4 times a month.

Types of brand clothing

  1. Infant clothing. In a wide range, you can find blouses, trousers, jumpsuits, bodysuits, crawlers, hats, and more. Clothing for little ones meets all hygiene standards and quality standards.
  2. Children’s clothing. In our assortment, there are various sets and outfits for home and everyday wear, school clothing, sportswear, and, of course, clothing suitable for any season.
  3. Women’s clothing. Original styles, new designs, beautiful shades. In our catalog, you will find all kinds of pants, suits, skirts, dresses, blouses, and t-shirts.
  4. Men’s clothing. Original cuts and pleasant hues. Our catalog features quality clothing for men in casual, sporty, business, and beach styles.

Our advantages

  1. Price. Competitive and low price while maintaining high quality.
  2. Assortments. Constant updates to the product range. The assortment consists of over 1600 different product models.
  3. Production. Our manufacturing capacity allows us to produce around 2,000 units of finished products every day.
  4. Customer service. Individual support and consultation with a personal manager.
  5. Warehouse. Availability of finished products in stock. The warehouse area is approximately 600 square meters and includes more than 300,000 units of finished products.